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Similar problem, please help

::::Reason looks for the SoundBanks in one of the four assigned sound folders within it. Have you changed the location of the SoundBanks to a drive or folder that is not one of these?

:::If so, just make sure that Reason points to that folder. If not, you might want to eMail tech support.

I'm having a similar problem. I've re-installed the sound bank from the CD. But EnochLight's solution of setting the sound location only works when Reason is running. I can't even get into the program. It just asks me to insert the Sound Bank CD, plus an option to quit, so I don't get into the program to change any settings. The Sound Bank is definitely in the Reason program folder, so it should work without the CD. Also, I haven't changed the assigned folders. This problem has only been occuring since I've installed a second hard-drive into my system. Anybody have any ideas? Thanx...

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