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Mastering tips. Hope this helps

I have been going through the heart wrenching experience of finding that your killer mix sounds bad after burn to CD. Found a great tool / plug in - Izotope wich is VERY user friendly & the pdf doc for free down load @ (& demo) gives a great insight into the whole area of mastering. Another great try is the ME Freefilter in Stnberg Mastering.

Another point is that Reason does not have huge engineering capabilities (sorry P.head, you do have a killer app) & I therfore rewire through to Cubase (5.1 waiting for SX to be sorted 1st) which gives you better control over the mix & the sends etc etc.

Using Wavelab 4 gives you great info on your wave file mix eg: global analysis which tells you your ave power etc for the whole track or a selected section.

If you are busy trying to get to grips with the whole mastering thing get the pdf doc from Izotope site. I found that stusying the pdf whilst using the different sections in Izo really helps as it is VERY easy just to set high amounts of varios efx which just screws up your mix. I got feedback that Waves mastering P/ins are great but have not yet tried them.

Note the section in Izotope pdf regarding low bass from studio monitrs & how to set-up a sub bass on a budget. I found that my Event 20/20 do not give the lows but get them from my headphones: Fostex T5 which have quite a low bleed for vocal apps & are very comfortable for long sessions.

VERY important for mastering is "tired ears" sydrome which in your enthus to get your mix cookin does not get noticed until you take the break, which I found silence is the best & out of the invoron that you are working in. Go back to the mix & you'l be surprised.

Don't miss the dithering issues for mastering as with mizdowns from Cubse etc etc, it is VERY important.

I can only suggest that you read the Izotope pdf as it gives great insight in laymans terms. NO math formulas !! Just straight talk. See the section on compression rather than boosting eqs eg. for better bass.

Happy mastering my music makin friends. Music is the universal language. Campbell in SA.

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