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Old 2002-07-24, 08:05
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Newbee Building a Software Studio (Ref Logic Audio & Reason)

Running a Dual 1ghz G4/1.5G Ram/Lots o HD's(OS9 & X)
I am an animator by trade and new to music so bare with me.....
I want to build a software only studio and need help......
Here's what I want
Tascam US428 (for software control and my audio/midi)
Reason (Of Course)

My main problem is finding the right mixture of software to hardware
What I don't want is to install a new soundcard (I'd use the stock one)Then the Tascam Us428 for my audio/midi (VIA USB)
But what I mostly want is sequencer/recording etc software that's most
complimentary to my current setup but will allow me to use Reason.
Been looking into Logic but it seems from what Ive read there are issues with latency and general Rewire support But Ive used the EXS24 and ES1 from emagic and like to put those in so I'd need comprable plug-ins for these two if I didnt use Logic.
So I'm looking for recording/seq software other than Logic and the EXS24/ES1

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