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Kaysound Manual?

Hi All, not sure if this is a good topic for this board or not. I've had this cheapo Kaysound MIDI controller keyboard for a while, does the trick but the velocity curves and sensitivity are crap... anyway it's passable untill I can buy something better.

My question - any idea where I might find an electronic manual? I picked it up used for $99 CDN (about $75 USD) in brand-new condition, but it had no power supply (no problem), and no manual. The lack of manual isn't too big a deal as it's pretty simple to use most controls for octave, vel curve, program change, etc. However theres a few keyzone functions (or something like that - it's at home right now and I'm at work) that I can't figure out how to work with, and I've heard that I can make custom vel curves with it (which I would LOVE to sort out) but can't figure this out either. So I need to find a manual

I know it's a pretty dumb question, but regardless I want to tell you all before you flame me that I'm really a bit of an amateur as far as MIDI goes, but I'm learning fast. I'm not pretending to be some pro here, so please go easy on me! Reason has really hepled me understand and learn quite a lot, and saved me from having to blow what little budget I have on pricey hardware. Thanks p-headz, I won't ever be a pro musician, but I do have mountains of fun making little tracks to entertain myself. I'll be a Reason customer FOREVER. Thanks in advance to any posters who can help me as well.

Cheers everyone, happy music-making to you all.

Ottawa, Canada


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