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Old 2002-07-26, 08:40
georgeleong georgeleong is offline
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Missing notes when using replace mode while recording.

Hi guys,

I keep getting missing notes when I switch to REPLACE mode and punch in to record while playing. These notes are not at the punch in point but at random bars. I had this problem while using 1.0.1 and still have this problem after upgrading to 2.0 and installing it on my new Powerbook G4 with Oxygen 8 running on OS X. (Was running on a PowerMac G4/400 and Motu Midi Time piece on OS 9.1 before)
All is fine when I delete the events before using OVERDUB mode but this is taking a lot of time and blocking my creativity!!!

I have written to propellerheads before and their reply seems to suggest that mine is an isolated problem. Anyone out there with similar problems?


BTW, I REALLY like Reason 2.0. Have been using it almost totally in my projects and giving up on my 100K midi setup of midi synths and samplers.

Wish List:

1.Would be great if I could find a way to output midi and input audio to interface with other standalone soft synths like those from Native Instruments etc...

2.Render MONO files as well...I don't always need stereo bass (I render the tracks to AIFF instrument by instrument for further mixing and recording on Pro Tools.

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