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Old 2002-07-28, 20:22
staeke staeke is offline
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Tired of feature suggestions? Wo'bout unusual ones?

OK....I ARE tired of feature suggestions and honestly I've kept telling myself "Hey, leave 'em alone to work themselves". But...hehe...I'm just sort of curious if someone has a little unusual ideas. We've heard the requests for tempo/beat automation (on this one I agree), arpeggiator (neat), MIDI out (probably very convenient for people with extrernal gear), H:M:S time representation, tube like compressors, de-essers, vocoder, better reverbs, not to mention the poor people (sorry) who think audio recording will be implemented. We've also heard some perhaps cooler idas of connection flow charts (I find that unlikely) and a possibility of see what Refills are used in a particular song (sounds like a brilliant idea to me).

One think struck me though. Many of these features are kind of like: Eh...let's see what kind of music software there is out there. Oh....but Reason is so great! I like the all-in-one approach. Can they build everything in it? I've heard more tools and especially professional tools is the key to making good music.

I think you miss out a couple of factors. Firstly, the props don't have all the time in the world. Second: for each thing you add, things become more complicated. Flexibility is a swear word at Propellerheads I've heard (deny the rumours or confirm them if you'd like to). That is the key! Simplicity, inspiration and a product that allows you to rapidly and easily go from idea to music. That's what makes us love Reason. So what brings more inspiration and ease of use?? I know you guys can invent fantastic shit. Here's my 2 c, and now I'm to beat

1) I was thinking of a "filter" that sort of works like a vocoder. Have two audio inputs and one out and perhaps a button for the amount. Then you shape signal 1 with the frequency curve from signal 2. Thus, I think, you would obtain a vocoder effect, but it could also be used to let sounds EQ adjust each other. Perhaps not a working idea?

2) The possibility of holding down Ctrl to select multiple destinations for a sequencer track. Now you can sort of try that by using the buses at the top, but you still can't edit and modify in the sequencer in the way you want and be able to listen to a "merged" sound. Not very innovative though.

3) A cable split box, one cable becomes two (or more)

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