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Old 2002-07-28, 23:34
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Propellerheads moderators please help

Please help me with tha following concerning mods , niftywerks and the other dead sites in your links section

I am looking for tha 150 + mods to rebirth all the sites in the propellerheads link section that offer them as downloads have dead links that wont download connected to niftywerks when you try to download them

i have all the ones offered at this site

noone on this board over the last week to week and a half has even tried to offer 1 piece of advice, response, dirtection , or got to hell concerning this issue

Come on someone has to know something i can't even get a response i mean you guys jump all over someone wanting a soundbank or reg. # like a gang of stuck up street thugs or your to busy singing

tha praises in droves to propellerheads but none of you know why the 150 + mods on niftywerks or any of the other sites are down , not downloading and haven't been for like forever and a day.....................

any propellerheads moderators know whats up ????

i bought rebirth ages ago and still rock it out and want more mods but everyone is down

if anyone knows where i can get them or has them on a disc i can buy , they will give me , trade me , or site where i can purchase them legit

Tell Me


Jason Fletcher
Tha Last Rockstar

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