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dance music

Just a question, cos it's battering my head. I've learnt a lot of stuff on music theory in the past 3-4 months and it has really helped me with my producing. But i have a question about chords,
I've asked about it before and someon said it fills out he tune, and i know what they mean, but are chords played throughout most of the tracks, or just on the breakdown. As i listen to music and i can't hear chords most of the time in a tune, i can only hear the bassline hook, then i mostly only notice the chords on the breakdown. I have done a few tracks without chords, and just used a bassline hook and it sounded alright. But i just wanted a dance producer to help me out. Would be much apreciated for any help about it.
plus i hardly hear chords in house music, i only notice them in trance music, am i correct or am i not hearing it right?

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