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Old 2002-08-03, 05:12
mmagnumz mmagnumz is offline
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latency problem w/ MOTU Fastlane 2x2 USB, Please help!

Hi everyone,

I went out and purchased a Motu fastlane USB today, and hooked it up to my mobile 1.9 ghz P4 w/ XP Pro. I already have an exhisting Midiman Oxygen8 in the second USB port. Reason has no latency problems with the Oxy8, but the latency comming from the fastlane is terrible, (it can "build" to half a second after a while of use). This problem occurs when midi data is inputted through the fastlane using either the oxy8 or a Roland MC-303 groovebox. I've even tried playing w/ the buffer size bar in the edit preferences menu, and that didn't work.

I figure this to be a problem either w/ the processing of the midi data by my computer before it get's to reason, or by reason itself because the LED's on the fastlane light immediately when data is received. The delay is then heard in reason.

I am wondering if someone can tell me how to test the fastlane outside of reason, help me fix this problem flat out, or just tell me whether I should just return the fastlane or not!


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