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Old 2012-10-13, 22:46
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Exclamation New Thread Type!!! Remix/Collab/Critique/Experimental

Goin on PHead Fam! I remember being a new user to Reason and being fascinated (and overwhelmed), by all the knobs and possibilities of this beast of a machine. After finally registering my copy, I was brought into a new world where I could check users pages and download Reason files they had created. This greatly steepened my learning curve, and I was able to mimic and understand certain production techniques. Sadly, over the years this section of the site has been dramatically downsized (if not deleted).

THE POINT: I believe starting these type of threads are just what we need to get a little juice flowing in our forums. Sometimes we might have an idea, that we just can't finish.. Luckily we have a community of brilliant Reason users and Musicians who just might be able to assist. Maybe you have a finished track that just needs to be mixed better? A new sound that you would like to see sequenced into a song?? Just want to upload a song to showcase and help out the PHead Community??? These threads will help you.

With a community of top notch music and sound creators, uploading an unfinished work can be intimidating at times.. So...I will be the first to start it up.. I've uploaded a Reason song file named "After The Movies". It is a medium tempo Urban type feel with a vocal hook, but feel free to change any and everything about it. Add what you like. If you are a Sound Design wizard, change a sound (or add), to make the sound more interesting or work better, then post your work. If you are a Mixing Expert, change the levels and add your special touch to make the song pop out sound great. If you are a Composer/ Music Theorist, add a few extra lines or riffs to fill the track up. A Singer/ Songwriter? Add some words or harmonies on top of or replace the original. A Remixer that specializes in created killer dubstep tracks and can't stand HipHop? Remix the hell out of it and use what you want.

After some work, we should have a working prototype or a few vastly different cool projects. If the latter is the case, we shall conduct a poll to see which Is the best remix! I look forward to the advanced users really helping out and sharing their knowledge and expertise!!

UPLOADERS: I believe this could be this could be the next big thing for the PHead community, and a very fun way to learn and meet new people. Words are cool, but examples are priceless. Please post your updated Reason files along with a "brief" explanation of what (and why) you did.

I hope to accomplish a few things by doing this:
1. To promote a new hands on learning environment for new users and vets alike to pick up and hone new skills (whether it be sound creation or selection, sequencing, work flow, mixing, etc), by having actual Reason song files to reference.
2. To collab with other Reason users and bridge gaps between the very different genres and showcase individual Reason users skills and strengths. I believe doing this can open up lasting friendships, be an avenue to constructive criticism and ultimately lead to future collabs that are used for Remix Competitions or are commercial in nature.
3. Third and most importantly, is to create a tighter Propellerhead community. I believe we can achieve this by creating a new platform in order to engage Reason users in a fun practical workshop format.

Disclaimer: This File can be downloaded and mangled to heart's desire. Unless agreed upon by the track's creator(s), this track cannot be used for any commercial purpose. Tracks can be showcased, however, if the creators/ editors are informed and are given proper credit. Propellerheads (company) CAN use these tracks for commercial purpose to promote their products. If they do decide to use or showcase a track, they must randomly select 3 uploaders from the thread and give them a FREE Rack Extension (or some other offer)

All Threads of this nature should be headed the same way to ensure order:
Maybe something like PHead Remix/Collab : "name of song"/ style of song
so this one would be: PHead Remix/Collab : "After the Movies"/ Urban

This thread and others like it, is to be used for constructive purposes. No attacks on individuals AND NO ARGUING. There are many ways to accomplish the same tasks and these tracks are supposed to be experimental. RESPECT

Uploading Reason files: I've found that a good way to create upload links is to signup for a free DropBox account. You can then place these files in your public folder and copy the link. PS - If you do create a new DropBox account, tell them you were referred by Brantyan Pegsley (

Link to Reason Song File:


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