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Old 2002-08-07, 17:04
robinsarac robinsarac is offline
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Let's Talk About Mastering / Full, Thick Sound

Please, no bitching about Reason features, no childish bantering, and no insults. Let's keep this thread useful and insightful.

Just so you understand where I'm coming from...

Bottom line, I love using a single program / piece of equipment to write music. I abandonded my hardware studio in 2000 when Reason came out, and my writing has improved ten-fold, easy. I do not want to return to a studio or computer full of equipment and programs, but I also want better results than I'm getting today. I do not feel held back in terms of being able to produce a given sound. I can make with Reason what I hear in my demented head. Where I am having trouble is getting a full sound.

What do you do to get your sound as full, thick, and heavy as possible (assuming that's the sound you want)? If you compress, how do you compress? If you EQ, how do you EQ? If you use a mastering program, which one, and how is it set? I've tried EQ, compression, and effects in Reason to no avail.

I've tried T-Racks and Ozone with limited results. Neither demo made me want to rush out and buy either piece. Maybe I'm expecting it to fix a poor composition or an inadequate job of mixing? I don't think so, but I could be wrong.

I'm referring to house music, but I think good mastering / mixing practices are nearly universal.

I've had person after person tell me that the tracks I put out are good, but thin, flat, or digital sounding. Now that's all very hard to quantify, but I agree. I don't know if I have a habit of EQing, filtering, or mixing a certain way, or if I've run into a limitation with Reason itself. It might be my choice of samples (I rarely use the presets that ship with Reason). I just don't know.

I'm perfectly happy to acquire a different piece of software or equipment that might help in my quest, but I'd rather hear what all of you are doing first.

Please discuss what you do to finish off your material. Do you use other software? Do you use many of the techniques presented here and in other forums / magazines? Do you agree with some people that claim the Reason mixer produces a flat sounding product?

One thing I would like to try is have a lopp available for download, and have everybody do their best to make that loop sound full and thick. Then maybe share ideas? This wouldn't be limited to Reason, but that would be my preference.

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