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A question for serious users.....

Ok,,,,, I have read the manual and i can see that you can automate faders and knobs in reason using an external controller. I have the Keystation 49 by Mdidman and i have it hooked up to reason and ive been using it so i know it works. Now my question is: when automating faders and knobs on the controller does that mean you can press a key on the keystation and the fader moves? I know i have done this from my computer keyboard and just assigned it to a letter. But the problem i have with whole automating thing in reason which really doesnt make sense to me is: why dont the faders fade out/in slowly? Whats the point of a fader that doesnt fade? When you automate it from a controller it only goes straight up or straight down or straight left and right. Why wouldnt they make it so you can fader the faders? Or can you and i just dont know how?

thanks in advance,

P.S. if it isnt possible to do this in reason 1.0.1 or even 2.0 then propellerheads should think about this for reason 3.0........

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