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Old 2002-08-10, 22:27
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logic 4.8.1, rebirth 2, rsn 1, Mac 9.2: rewire all messed up


I'm running Logic 4.8.1 with ReBirth 2.01 and Reason 1.0.1 on a Mac with OS 9.2.2.

ReWire isn't working right at all.

I've never really explored the potential of ReWire, but in the past I remember being able to route each of ReBirth's separate instruments through to specific channels in Logic. Then I installed Reason 1.0.1 and now I can get "MIX L" and "MIX R" as options, and that's fine by me, but when I set Logic to play these channels and then set ReBirth or Reason going, nothing happens.

I know that ReWire is working because if I try to quit Logic first, it warns me that I must quit all ReWire apps first. So it's running, but no audio is coming through. I can see levels bouncing on ReBirth and Reason, so my troubleshooting thoughts are that those apps are sending, ReWire is delivering, but Logic is confused.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

many thanks,

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