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Tip for 1 MIDI track - several units

I don't know if this is common knowledge, but I find that people, including myself, wish for the possibility of connecting one (MIDI) track to several Reason devices, and thus get a "combined" sound. You can, of course, connect the "bus MIDI ports" to different units, but you wouldn't get one MIDI track. If you use Rewire though, it is feasible. (This example is written with Cubase SX in mind). Use a MIDI track in Cubase. Connect the track to any Reason instrument. Now check the MIDI sends. There are 4 available sends and each one is routable. Don't choose an effect for the send. Just turn it on and route it to your preferred Reason instrument ...OR your favourite VSTi OR external gear. This way you would get a maximum of 5 devices controlled by one track.

I don't know if it's possible to use MIDI in from a Reason instrument and hence get an amount of 6 controlled devices. I haven't gotten this to work, but I'm not that experienced with these Rewire functions, so it might be doable. Good luck!

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