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Source Vs. Render - ReDrum Results

| ReDrum |

No mixer was used in this test.

ReDrum - Hardware Interface

In order to get ReDrum to output 0 dB, I had to set the master level 127 and the channel level to 81.

Master Level: 127
Note Amplitude: Medium
Channel Level: 81

Again, I could *not* get the exact waveform out of it.

Source Peak Amplitude: 0.0 dB
Source RMS Amplitude: -18.9 dB

ReDrum Peak Amplitude: 0.0 dB
ReDrum RMS Amplitude: -19.8 dB

The two waveforms did *not* cancel each other out when the source waveform was inverted and mixed with the rendered waveform. The residual waveform was fairly significant.

Here is the control file used in each test...

...and the typical residual waveform after inversion and mixing the source with the rendered waveform...

Any ideas what I might have been doing wrong? Or does Reason not output what it is input?

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