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Old 2002-08-16, 03:15
phelme phelme is offline
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ReDrum: any way to move imported slices?

I hope someone can help me with this silly question.

So I imported a MIDI file into Reason, everything went great except for the drum parts. There are 10 "slices" to the drums. The slices are not incremental, ranging in Slice #8 to #45 and thus my problem. The four slices that are numbered 10 and below fall within those handled by ReDrum, but those higher are not. This may be obvious but I can't figure it out, how can I move/remap the imported slices so that ReDrum can handle all of them? Cut and paste doesn't work; no way to paste a slice on a different part that I can see. Would this be better handled by Dr.Rex?

The MIDI drums I imported are based on standard drum mappings so I thought this would be automatic, guess not. ;-)

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