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Old 2002-08-16, 09:50
dries dries is offline
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My opinion to all the "-2,4db" NN19 fanatics

After making another great jam-session yesterday i can only say reason realy is great.
I invited a couple of frieds and gave them a 30 minutes music tour with reason and we just had a great party.

I will publish some stuff on soon and this makes a longtime wish of me come through. I also publish debussy's "claire de lune" with reason 2.0 which sounds just unbelieveable. I don't think anyone ever heard reason sound this kind of symphonic.

I think we should stop making this board a place that sucks. Although it is good to be critical to software we should all keep the right perspective;
i mean, reason is a cheap popular software package so it has to be designed the way that many people can use it. And ofcourse it can not have studio specs!


You want perfect audio? Take an LP of Toto from the early 80' and play it on a clearaudio with an audio note single ended class A triode and big horn loudspeakers. pure analog is still the best.


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