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NN-19/NN-XT hell

I'm sure this is posted somewhere here but I can't find the answers and I'm sure it's simpler than I'm makin' it...

1) I use a lot of sounds/FX in my tunes and what I've done in the past is if I have 12 little blips/bleeps that I wanna use then I have 12 NN-19's in my rig cuz' I can't figure out how to get all of my blips and bleeps into one NN-19. Or maybe I should say that I wan't each of them to retain thier original pitch. I can get the samples in but some are too slow, too low, too high, etc. Any easy, step-by-steps anywhere that I can follow?

2) Anytime I try to use soundfonts in the NN-XT, it totally MANGLES them...they sound nothing like they sound in Sonar, the EMU Soundfont player I have or out of my Audigy synth. I mean, they are trashed. I thought this would have been worked out in beta but I guess not. (I.e.: sounds are distorted, effects garbled, velocities and cross-fades non-existant or obvious). Any pointers or suggestions would be greatly apprciated. Thanks.

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