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Old 2002-08-19, 21:54
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Outputting reason from a mac to a mixer in stereo...

Please only people who care to offer helpful suggestions reply. I am trying to run a reason song out of my mac (which has the stock sound card it came with - its a newer G4- so I guess its a sound manager card) I have my mixer in the reason song set up so bass is panned hard right, piano panned hard left etc. I wish to run out of my mac with an 1/8" stereo cord that splits into 2 stereo 1/8" cords. I have a 1/4" stereo connector on these and they go into channel 1 and 2 (pan L and R) of a mackie mixer. But yet it contiues to come into the mixer in mono. I dont know alot about sound cards and am starting to think that sound manager is a mono card. Ive tried everything and cant get it to feed into the mixer in stereo.

Anyone have any suggestions. Do I need to buy another sound card? What about the iMic. That has stereo outs right? Can I out my mac into the iMic and then stereo out of that to the mixer. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have my backing tracks done and want to stick them onto adat tape and start laying down guitars.

Thanks all

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