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remote control with UC-16?

I use reason 2.0
I have a roland midikeyboard connected to midi in 1 on my wamirack 24, and the UC-16 controller on midi in 2.

Now to the problem. the manual says:

“Ideal” Setup
The ideal setup is a computer with two MIDI interfaces or one MIDI interface
with multiple, separate inputs, a MIDI keyboard used for playing/recording and a
separate MIDI Controller device (“fader box”) used for remote control.
1. Connect your MIDI keyboard to one MIDI Input.
2. Connect your MIDI remote device to the other MIDI Input.
3. Open the Preferences – MIDI dialog and set things up so that the
MIDI keyboard is used for playing and the fader box is used for
MIDI Remote control.

I have the keyboard on master keyboard port: wami 1, and the controller on remote control: wami 2.

Enable midi remote mapping: ON

but nothing happens when i turn the buttons on the controller which, if i understand the manual correctly, should turn. It works if i put the controller on the master keyboard port though.

i dont understand this.. it should work.. anyone who knows?

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