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a new guy needs help

Hi everyone,
I know the questions that I am going to ask are very low level, but I hope you don't mind to help me.
I am a filmmaker. I have very good classical music background, and I can play the piano. Now I want to set up a simple music studio to compose music for my film.
What I have now is a P4 computer, and I want to buy something (probably a keyboard or a copy of Reason) to hook up my computer, so that I can compose music for my film.
However, I am really ignorant about computer music, and I need your suggestions. First of all, I need to clarify something:
1./What is synth?
2./What is sampler?
3./What are the differences between a synth and sampler
4./Some keyboards say that they are synth and sampler, but sometimes there are some stand-alone samplers. What are the differences?
5./Then what are the differences between software synth, like Reason, and a hardware synth, like a keyboard?
6./Is Korg Triton Music Workstation a synth?
7./Where, like web sites, forums, and etc, can I gain more knowledge about computer music?
Thanks in advance.

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