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Vocoding with Malstrom?

Okay....I seem to recall that when Reason 2 was in development, there was lots of talk of being able to use the Malstrom audio-ins as a make-do vocoder.


It works (sort of) with drum loops (from DrRex or wherever). You can switch both oscillators off, route the DrRex in to the Malstrom, set the filter type to either the comb filters or the ring-modulator (the RMod setting is awsome btw, when you have some remote control... ), enable keyboard tracking on the filter, "tune" the set-up using the cutoff and resonance (until playing middle C into the malstrom produces a middle C tuned drum loop), and then press play...

you can then "play" the filter frequencies as you would with any normal instrument.

here's the catch though....i would like to be able to modulate the malstrom's oscillators using the drum loop (or some vocal loops) as a have the drum loop modulating and the malstrom's oscillators (carriers...).

I'm guessing that it isn't possible with simply routing instruments to the filters on the malstrom, but if anyone has any other tips/tricks with fake vocoding, then feel free to post them...


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