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Old 2002-08-29, 06:23
Mothra666 Mothra666 is offline
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Recycle asks for Serial every time I launch it?

Never had any problems with Recycle up until recently.
Now for some reason, every time I open the damn thing, I have to reenter my name and license code.
Ive learned just to keep my card in my wallet now since it happens almost everytime.
In fact, I was just booted into 9 doing some work a few minutes ago.
I had to put in my cd, reregister and all.
So once I was done and quit, I thought of something I needed to do so I reopened it and was promptly greeted to put in my registration again.
I didnt even have to reboot for it to lose the info.

i could be completely off but is OS X possibly deleting some invisible file Recycle places on the hard drive??
Running 9.2.2 and 10.2 on a QS G4 800 and Im totally stumped on this one.

Any ideas?


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