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Old 2002-08-31, 10:29
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Poor Malstrom MIDI implementation and automation?!

I've been programming a random patch generator and noticed some deficiency in the Malstrom's MIDI implementation. First off, some of the controller numbers in the documentation are incorrect. Oscillator A's controllers are swapped with osc B's.

Secondly, although the modulator waveform can be automated, you are only allowed to select a handful of the 31 waveforms. It only responds to controller values 0-8.

Also, has anybody else noticed the lack of MIDI automation on the Malstrom graintables? In the MIDI Implementation document it shows controllers 20 and 94 for oscillator wave control, yet they do not respond at all. This would open up a lot more sound design possibilities as well as the ability to select the graintable over MIDI, which is severely limiting my reandom patch generator's usefullness. Is this a bug or an intended decision on the part of the Props?

Thanks for any help/info.


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