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Old 2002-09-03, 03:45
supersweeet supersweeet is offline
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Improving the format of this board + FAQ board

Has anyone ever found the way this board displays messages a little off putting? It seems that few threads last more than a day or two b/c they end up so far down the thread chain that no one sees them.

I'd like some way of seeing all the thread headers w/ # of responses and, when u click on them, u can see the whole of the thread (Rather than one message at a time).

I'd also like to see more threads/page - 100 would be nice (this can be done by blowing away the frames and editing the threads # in the URL for those who care).

I'd also like to see a separate board for FAQs, where the knowledge that's posted to this board can be captured. Most of it seems to get lost down the end of a long thread list. [Putting money were mouth is - if u give me the URLs of posts u found helpful I'm happy to start collating them]

My $0.02 (errr... I mean SEK 2)

Sweet -
Sweeet's Ancient Mystery

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