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Old 2002-08-31, 22:15
olestronic olestronic is offline
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Reason 2.0 appears to crash sound in Mac OSX

This is a little long, but please read if you think you can help me get my sound back.
I installed Reason 2.0 on my Powerbook G4 yesterday. The first install didn't seem to work- Reason couldn't open any of its own files because they were "bad format" or something of the like. So, I reinstalled it. Then, everything worked fine. I tried using my edirol UA-3 audio interface with my midi interface. The midi interface didn't have an OSX driver, as it turns out, and I lost all my sound. I reinstalled Reason and my sound came back. The sound was working fine until late last night when I shut down the machine. Today I turn it on and there's no sound. I pull off the keyboard, do a hardware reset, my sound comes back. I check to see if the computer will play cds and run reason, everything checks out. I shut down reason, leave the room for five minutes, no sound. Anybody have any ideas? I don't know if it's because I used a USB interface, if Reason is disagreeing with sleep mode or screensavers, or if Reason is just screwing up my machine.

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