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Problems Grouping

I've been getting frustrated every so often with Grouping events/notes. To give you a simple example, lets say I have a four measure sequence, each measure is a different chord played for a whole note (the whole measure). Nothing tricky, four sets of whole notes.

First I recorded the 4 bar sequence. Then I grouped it - but unfortnately, somewhere my timing was off because the group consisted of more than just the 4 bar space. I set snap to 'bar'. I then manually shortened the notes and made sure that everything occurred and finished in the 4 bar sequence - tried to group again, still grouped outside the 4 measures..

Then, I set the quantizer to 'bar', selected the entire passage, quantized and not much changed. Finally, deleted everything, started from scratch and tried Quantizing while recording, seemed to work fine, and the group even appeared to be self contained to the 4 bars, but when I copied it down the sequencer, the timing of each chord progression changed a little bit and by the end, the notes are considerably off of beat one of each bar.

I don't always have this problem, but every so often, I find a lot of difficulty with creating groups..

Any ideas? Anyone else have this problem?

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