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Old 2002-09-03, 17:57
bvdriel bvdriel is offline
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Problems with 'Computer too slow to play song'

Hey all,

Been away for a while, so I do not know what peope and who are still actually on this list, probably lots since the Reason-age started ;-), so therefore a question here someone might shed a light on...

I've got a Roland UA-30 Audio interface, and I have found drivers on for this thingy. Now, I have bought these drivers, and from the website shown, everybody is fully enthusiastic about them. Now my problem, I sometimes have a 'Computer too slow to play song' problem at times where my CPU-meter in Reason is only up to 25%.

I have a Acer TravelMate laptop 620 with 256 MB internal memory and 1Ghz clock-speed, so I cannot imagine those specifications are not enough...

I think, not sure, that these problems also arose with the DX-driver from W2000 (in which case it could not be ASIO-problem), so are there people experiencing the same problems out there (enough resources and still getting the message) ?

What bottleneck am I missing ?

Thx for any tips,

It's been a while....TRACKS !!!!

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