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ASIO Latency, Reason, Resources

I suck on programming drums, but I decided to try recording the Redrum live through a Cubase Rewire session, and in doing so, I could discern the latency - I could definitely hear the key strike on the keyboard before the drum sounded.

In checking things, I realized that I had the latency settings set way too high in the ASIO setup window. So, of course, I set it as low as I could, and ended up with 7 or so ms. It worked great until I opened another more developed song, with multiple Reason and recorded tracks. The Reason tracks started skipping, and my mix meters looked like they couldn't keep up.

I have a G4, 800mhz, 256MB ram, and am running Mac OS 9.2.2 (Tascam US428, and Oxy 8, Cubase 5.1 & Reason 2.0) - What's the constraint that causes the reduction in latency setting to mess with playback and cause a little havoc? Is it ram or processing speed or something else?? I adjusted it back a little and it works ok, but that threw me for a loop for a bit.


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