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Old 2002-09-05, 00:09
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THE best bass guitar patches on NN-XT...

Hi all

Passing on a discovery here... I've been looking for really well-recorded, multi-sampled bass guitar patches for ages... tried lots of places, but nothing that really sat well in a mix, they all sound too 'General MIDI', sterile and unresponsive.

Found a great solution... Time & Space Prosamples series, vol 44 - "Real E-Basses".

The good news is that it's cheap (GBP30 in UK, about US$50), there is every permutation of bass playing in there (grace notes, slides, four velocity layers per note, fret noises... you name it), it's well played (ie in tune!) and cleanly recorded using Fender Jazz, Ibanez and fretless.

Bad news is that the formats are Akai, Halion, EXS for Logic, wav and aiff. Short of waiting for the Props Akai convertor (c'mon guys, gimme gimme!), I decided to pull together some patches using the wav files and the NN-XT's pitch detection automapping tricks. Took a lot of hard work setting up the layers right, but the end result is simply... stunning.

I've used the Spectrasonics bass & drums CD in the past (the one with Abe Laboriel and Marcus Miller), and I had the bass & drums board in my old Roland JV-1080. I've also done a session with a mate who had one of the Giga libraries devoted to bass guitar. These sounds... once set up right in the NN-XT.... are easily up there with the best I've ever heard. Well realistic and as good as you get without the real thing.

While I'm in tips/review mode.... for those of you who don't know it.... Bob Clearmountain Drums 1 (and 2) if you can get hold of it. Time & Space again for that one. Velocity layer up the snares and kicks in the NN-XT, set up a bunch of different hits on the hats using the 'alternate' setting and... hey presto, one fantastically live-sounding kit.

The NN-XT is taking over from Redrum as my 'kit' machine of choice, the realism of what you can get out of it (if that's your bag of course) is something else. I'm also finding that the deeper I get into it, the more I think it really is a *serious* contender for the best software sampler out there... it's knockout.

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