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Old 2002-09-06, 08:59
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I'm on a software buying spree... help me out! Please?

Hey everyone... I'm picking up some new software.

Yes... by picking up, I DO mean buying. None of that BS people upload to my Carracho server works anyway.

So here's the deal. I'm doing noise/experimental sort of music here. I currently own the following software: Reason 2, Recycle 2, Peak 3.0, T-Racks 24, Cubase 5, and Ableton Live 1.5. The rest is toast and jam and all junk like that...

So anyway, first of all. I don't like Live... at all. Live was actually given to me by a friend who didn't like it at all either. It's a great program, but its geared toward loop based production... and... well, I just don't like it.

So 1: I need a new sequencer. Keep in mind I'm on a mac here running OS X, and if I could keep using OS X and not revert to 9 that would be great, although its not a requirement. For a sequencer/rewire host, I'm using Cubase now. It's about as stable as California though and I'm generally not too fond of it. I've used Logic and its also not what I'm looking for.

Basically, what I was is the most basic sequencer possible with VSTi and Rewire support. Does something like this exist? Even without rewire.. just a basic sequencer with VST(i) support..

The second thing I need... Reason is a great program, but when it comes to experimental noise production, you can only push that subtractor so far. The malstrom is alright... it's pretty good actually... but I need more than one instrument I can rely on frequently.

I was very, very seriously considering buying Reaktor 3, but I've seen some pretty bad stuff on this board about the mac version being unstable, clunky VSTi stuff, etc. I've used the demo however, and it is probably the most fun program I've ever used (knocks Reason out I think). Does anyone here have opinions about Reaktor 3? Are there any other similar professional-quality applications for the mac?

Another thing I was strongly considering doing was picking up a copy of Absynth. I figured Absynth, Malstrom, and Reaktor should have me covered on all fronts as far as synthesis go. I mean, what more can you ask for?

As far as drum machines, samples, etc go, Reason covers me well. Redrum is straightforward and great, and the NN-XT supports any Akai samples I might feel like using (someone just gave me a copy of the Miroslav orchestral CDs... BWAHAHAHA. I know I've got CDXtract 4 around here somewhere...).

Hm... what else. I think that's about it. What's a good, basic sequencer with VST support, how's Reaktor 3 and what are some alternatives, and is Absynth worth purchasing if I have Reaktor?

Oh yeah, one more thing. How does Reaktor 3 compare to 2? Would it make sense to pick up 2.0 off ebay if 3 is so bad?

Alright, last thing here. DP macs are selling for a pretty decent price on ebay nowadays. I was thinking.. I could sell mine and build a dual athlon and run XP on it and pray I can deal with the Windows crazyness. How different is it running audio apps under XP? Is XP as stable as people say? Hm...

If I went PC, I'd get options like Sonar, Buzz (how is that anyway), and about 10 Reaktor-like programs. I'm a mac fan, but if the PC is going to be faster and have the software I want... what can I do? A dual Athlon 2400 is pretty cheap to build nowadays...

So... I know that was a huge post. Sorry about that. If you can answer any of my questions, that would be great.

Last thing: Anywhere I can get educational pricing for audio software?

- Springs Can Sing


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