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Old 2002-09-12, 22:06
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Problem with "Un-self-containing" a song

Hi dedicated Reason users,

I am running Reason 1.01 (build 92) and I encounter a problem with the self-contained settings.

This is the story:

I have put some harddiskrecordings from an Alesis 24 bit harddiskrecorder on my PC's harddisk.
There is one song, wich took two takes (e.q. song001take001 and song001take002), each containing 11 tracks.
I wanted to use Reason to make a mix. So I opend a 14:2 mixer and 11 samplers.
I loaded each track from my first take into the 11 samplers and of I went (on a 2,4 Ghz PC that is possible, folks).
I saved the song with self-contained samples.

Finally I decided to use the second take.

Then I opened the Reason file containing the first mix and replaced the original samples with the samples of the second take into the already defined NN19's (so I could use to original mixing and effects settings from the first take).

This is my problem:

As I want to save the new song, unchecking the self-contained items, Reason is bothering me with a a file dialog 'Save self-contained items as'' and wants me to save all the orinigal samples from take one.

The manual (RTFM) tells me: "If the program doesn't find the sound file, a file dialog appears, allowing you to select a folder and name for the sound file."

As these files are already on my harddisk, I tried to 'Cancel' the saving process, but then the window wich displays all the self-contained items shows all my samples checked.

I simply can not uncheck the items without saving them.

My question is:

- Has this been reported as a bug (is this a bug)?
- Does the same problem exists in Reason 2.0? (The demo version has a 20 minute restriction and I can't test this issue).
- And finally, is there a way to get rid of my self-contained items, without saving them?

Thanks for your attention,

Abos' home

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