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a simple question

maybe this is a very obvious thing, but, i am new into Reason and i'm still learning how to use it.

so, my question is... i am currently working with midi files. what i'm looking forward to do, is to import them into reason, and assign them some of the samples on the soundbanks cds. but, i found a problem... i can assign a sound to a midi track (using the NN-XT sampler)... but, as i have other tracks, i'd like to assign a different instrument to each one... how can i do that? if i select other midi track and change the samples on NN-XT, it also affects the previous track... is there any way to create another sampler module? or how can i use many instruments on different tracks at the same time? i'm currently using the version 2.0 of the program.

i hope i made my point clear...

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