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Oxygen 8 + Redrum (Toggle On/Off Mute)

Anyone know if its possible to set a toggle on/off to mute channels in Redrum using Oxygen 8 keyboard (without having to HOLD the corresponding key(s) down)?

Currently the default is set so if I press and HOLD a midi key the channel MUTES itself and when I depress the key it UN-MUTES.

What I'd like to happen is for the MUTE button to just toggle ON/OFF each time I press a midi key on Oxygen keyboard for that corresponding channel. So if I press the key once it MUTES, then when I press it again it will UN-MUTE...

I know I can do this with just the normal keyboard remote keymaping on my computer keyboard, but I'd like to do this on my oxygen keyboard instead, but just can't seem to get it to work.

This possible?

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