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Kontakt vs NNXT

Pulled this from the Motu-Mac Mailing List - anyone else care to test or any Props care to comment?

**Begin Quote**

" A couple of questions regarding Konkakt compared to Reason 2.0's NNXT:

1) subjectively, where did Konkakt gain its apparantly better sound then the
NNXT? Sample transpose aliasing? Filters? Other? Just looking for some
opinions on why Konkakt would sound better.

Great Question drK!

I could run SOME of these tests (again, NOT what I'd call "clinically"),
here's what I heard:

One thing to be aware of is that Reason and Kontakt load up and present
samples differently. Opening a sample in Kontakt will (the easy way) make a new instrument, with an AMP module that is set to 100% velocity modulated (have to set that to ZERO), as well as an OUTPUT setting of "-6 db" (which I changed to -0.1 db" as Kontakt never seemed to LET me make it ZERO!). Doing the same thing on the NNXT will place the sample in the default settings of the sampler module. The only thing I hadda tweak there was turning the filter OFF. I also made sure to bus it to its OWN Reason outs, bypassing the mixer. Both samplers came into DP via AUX channels set at ZERO. No plugs,etc...I did use a MASTER channel set at various levels between -2 and zero.

I compared the sound of Kontakt and NNXT using three samples (I wanted to answer you TODAY!). The first two I am VERY familiar with and have heard them on just about anything that could HOLD a sample in it made after 1991. They were:

An open 5.5" triangle from the Bob Clearmountain Percussion and Bass CD.

A 808 long kik drum sample I did right from the source (an old 808!) thru
Apogee Filters into Sound Tools.

A Stereo drum loop yanked out of my sample lib. Chose it for definition and
that it was in fact a STEREO sample.

ALL samples were 44.1/16 .aif files. They were "played" by two identical
tracks in DP running at 120bpm sending out 2 half notes and 1 whole note at

I did NOT do transpose aliasing testing (sorry, this lil TiBook needs to see
the doctor due to its display konking out!), and any side by side comparison of filters is a)INCREDIBLY subjective and b) not really a contest since Reason, loaded up in a full session will not tax your CPU anywhere NEAR what just one instance of Kontakt's fancier filters will.

The results:

On the Triangle sample, both samplers did about an equal job. I THOUGHT I heard some of that Reason "color" putting in a teensy (and I mean TEEEEEENSY) bit of shading on the very highest of highs, but nothing ANYONE would miss in a mix. Very equal footing here. Also, this was the only test where the "identical" settings on both samplers gave out identical results in level.

The 808 kik, which is about 3 seconds long and has a pitch falloff, had more definition in the attack, and MUCH bigger low end in Kontakt. So much so that I rechecked my settings to make sure I was giving Reason 0.0 db, NO filter, max sus in the amp envelope, etc...The low end in Reason was much smaller, and almost NO real fine definition of the attack transient that Kontakt was able to produce.

The low end hijinx continued with the drum loop. Playing the same sample in Kontakt after hearing it in Reason almost sounded like someone had switched on PSP's Vintage Warmer! Big clear low end just filling up the speakers. Overall size was pretty dramatic in Kontakt as well.

For the record, I LOVE both these programs, and since Kontakt for MAC was so late in shipping, I used the NNXT on a number of jobs with fine results, and you can't beat Propheads for easy GUI design!

2) if you configure Konkakt in a manner similar to an NNXT patch using
filters, etc, how does the processor load for Konkakt look? The NNXt is
very efficient in my testing so I am interested at the processor-load versus
sound quality tradeoff.

Well, that seems to be IT huh? Reason's HUGE selling point is that you can get all that stuff going without even THINKING about how it's gonna weigh down the computer! But obviously, there IS a "tradeoff". I was really
surprised in the amount of SIZE, especially in the lows between the two.
**End Quote**

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