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reason or hardware? should i switch?

Well I assume this question has been asked before but I am new and am interested in reason.

here goes... I am debating switching from my hardware set up to a software based setup with reason, a laptop, and a midi keyboard or 2. And possibly a microkorg.

In my hardware set up I am using
yamaha an1x
korg monopoly
roland jv 1010
roland spd 11 drum pads
esi 4000 turbo sampler
small midi controller keyboard for the jv 1010 and the sampler

I mostly use my gear for a space rock band...strings, analog arps from the monopoly, bell sounds from the an1x and various samples.

I really don't use my gear to its full potential...and I blame that mostly on myself becasue I go to work on a song and have to much to deal with learning hardware.

I have always been against software but...have come to the conclusion that it is not what you make music with but the music itself.

So I am thinking of selling all my gear for a beefy laptop running software(Reason). With a midiman quattro or something similar, that can use USB or firewire. Along with a controller keyboard

First question is what do you guys think...yes or no on the to hardware.

My main concern in switching is how will a laptop perform in a live situation. Will I notice much latency? Will I be able to switch patches with just the external keyboard, and not have to you a mouse to access the patch.

The one thing I like about switching is not having to carry around a big rack of gear and being able to take my studio anywhere I go. Able to compose anytime.

Next...if I do switch what would be a good machine to get to do what I need. I want to be able use it live and also plan on recording with it, multitrack and what not with the quattro.

I was planning on a P4 2.0ghz and 512mb ram or a AMD 2000 with 512mb but am not 100% sure yet.

If anyone could give me some hints or a little more direction that would be really cool

Also are there any good websites that show more info on reason....just how things are configured and what not.


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