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New benchmark test!

Inspired by gnorpf's test I cooked up my own test.

This test does not require any download and is not dependant on audio drivers/latency/cpu-limit, however it does introduce disk access but that should be pretty insignificant.

Do like this:

Load all the demo songs (12 in all) and render to disk, measure the time it took to render each (using a stopwatch or similar) from pressing "Export" to the progress dialog dissapears.

Sum up the times and you got a nice figure to use as a measurement.

Important: load the songs one by one, and export at 44 kHz, 16 bit, closing the songs in between so you only have one song open at any time.

My results:

1 GHz PII 256 Mb RAM: 553 sec total
867 MHz G4 640 Mb RAM: 511 sec total


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