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Old 2002-09-28, 10:07
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wanna build a PC -- what's it gonna cost? and other junk...

I want to build a top-top end PC for audio work. Reaktor 3 isn't out for OS X, and my friend's Dell is toasting my dual G4, and it's gonna be at least a year till G5's come out. I can still get a ridiculous price on ebay for a dual-g4 with 768 RAM. It's nuts.

Anyway, I wanna build a top-o-the-line PC, and I guess run XP Pro (shudder). I want it to be a dual processor machine (how efficient is Reason under XP with duals? is it worth it?) with 1GB of some fast RAM (PC-2700 or whatever i cool to have nowdays). Ideally I'd like a firewire controller in there too, but I could go ATA if I had to as long as it was at least ATA/133. A 7200RPM 80GB firewire should be good for the HD. What else. A CD drive with at least 24x read, and throw in a seperate burner too -- 16x is fine. For a graphics card a radeon 8500 or a nividia 4200ti is fine. Something recent, but it doesn't have to be top-top. For the sound card... hm. Not sure.. something in the sub 350 range. Basic 2x2 audio is fine, as long as the latency is good and it sounds halfway decent.

As for the motherboard, I have no idea what's good, who's a good manufacturer, etc. I'm not even sure if I wanna go P4 or Athlon XP. I assume doing something like a quad Xeon system would be overkill, hehe. *ponders* P4s will be 3ghz any day now. I know some PC apps are optimized for P4s... what's the deal here?

So basically I wanna know: Does dual makes sense, AMD or Intel, motherboads, and price. What's this gonna run me? Can I get all this for around $2000 if I build it myself? I don't have any experiencing building PCs, but I know a ton of people who could certainly help me out. It seems relatively simple anyway, hehe.

I promise this is the last time I'm gonna post this. :-) I'm serious this time. I got to bar 23 on that Reason speedtest. ugh.

- Springs

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