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Old 2002-09-24, 18:42
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serious constructive discussions about sound quality?

I've noticed that there are several threads on this topic regardless of my new status here on the board, so let me know if I'm duplicating efforts to an extreme, BUT:

Reason is the best - it replaces everything for me. The interface suites me. My production has tripled in what I can "lay down" with my electronic music. I could not possibly say enough good things about the convenience of this product compared to worrying about MIDI controller #this-and-that with external gear.

The only downside is that Fruityloops (only $49) and Buzz (FREE) have much better sound quality resembling more of a "professional" coloration of sound that we are used to such as a Korg Triton or whatever, besides much clearer mixing capabilities. I've produced with many different soft-synths and have had obviously better results so I'm not about to admit that my production skills are lacking to the point where my incompetence has Reason sounding worse-off.

The point of this anyway is are there any plans to rework Reason's audio engine that seems to be the same basic design back from Rebirth of many years ago? Even the synth, which is pure DSP, correct(?), sounds rather undefined compared to dedicated keyboards, so garbage in, garbage out isn't cutting it as an excuse to me.

...because I would pay upwards of over $1,000 for something that sounds as good as pro-gear from Propellerheads. Some will say "route Reason through Sonar or Cubase" but I say that I actually like the limitations and featureset Reason provides me with. It's inspiring. I've chosen it firstly because of it's stable (that dev. goal was certainly met!) and inspiring interface regardless of it's issues with sounding thin or muddy. And I can't fit a house-full of hardware in where I live nor could I afford it or want to deal with it (see my point above).

So how about it, Props? Anyone? I'd rather not see someone else beat you to the market with a better sounding synth as you are the true pioneers of software!

Thanks for your time.

(btw, will someone who actually counts in the Props circle as far as making development decisions actually read this?)

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