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Old 2002-09-29, 12:45
Matti Matti is offline
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Samples and memory - weird pc experience.

Today, I wanted to test how many Mb of samples Reason could hold on my system with 512 Mb RAM.

So, first I made a file that I knew were too big - 744 Mb. And yes, when trying to load it I got an "Out of memory" message.

But then I made three files of 220 Mb each - and Reason had no problem loading all three! Ok, they're three identical files, but how's Reason to know? I guess loading three instances of the same file would be a different matter.

So, here I am with more Mb of samples loaded than my RAM actually has room for. They *are* loaded into RAM, right? If not, why the first "Out of memory" message?

I couldn't find any info on memory handling in the manuals, either.

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