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Old 2002-10-01, 03:52
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I feel like a total idiot. I should practice what I preach, because I've been telling all of my friends and everyone else to back up your data, ghost it, etc. And now I'm a friggin' statistic.

Saturday night, while my wife was out with friends and I was passing out drunk on a friend's couch, our house was broken into. Both of our PC's - including my Reason/ReCycle/etc workstation - was taken, along with a pro digital camera, tools, extra monitors, jewelry - hell - I even thought they took my cat for God's sake! They smashed my vintage Roland Juno 106's keys and cut the cables to pretty much any peripheal that was left.

I got Norton System Works 2003 Pro a week ago - which comes with an awesome version of GHOST that allows you to image your HDD's from within Windows XP. Friggin' idiot proof. And what do I do? Image one partition (out of 6) and put the rest off for later.

And now - I'm a statistic.

I lost it all, guys. Every multitrack and wave and song that I have written since 1986 - all gone - all of it - my pictures - my family - my friggin' life - ALL GONE - because I was too much of a procrastinator to IMAGE MY F@#KING HARD DRIVES.

This is truly the darkest day of my life. Truly.

I can't say this enough - I don't care who you think you are or how insignificant you may think your data is on your HDD's - you don't know how important it is to you until it is raped from your very home - BACK YOUR DATA UP!!! And remove your backup to a safe (or hidden) location. Trust me. This CAN happen to you.

Thankfully, my cat turned up and I did manage to image one of my audio partitions that has all of my samples and soundbanks on it that I have collected - but I lost all other projects. Remixes and all. I could f@#cking cry until I retire, dammit.

Funny thing is: a nice Reason 2.0 box, with the discs and serial/reg card was sitting right above one of my computers that was taken - and they left it.

Dumb asses!

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