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Old 2002-10-01, 22:16
gnorpf gnorpf is offline
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Midi interface latency much bigger with OS X (vs. OS 9)?

I finally bought a new machine, a Mac again (these TiBooks are sweet :-D). Anyway, I installed Reason on OS9 and OSX, then checked the latency by playing live on my keyboard. OS 9 was very fast, it nearly felt like sitting on a real synth. OS X on the other hand was disappointing: It felt like 10 ms of additional latency.

I checked the *audio* latency display in Reason, and it was on 11ms for both OS's. Since there can be a *midi* latency as well (bad drivers / bad OS), I now expect this to be the culprit.

Is anybody else experiencing additional latency when moving from OS9 to OSX?
Is anybody else using the "Edirol UM-1S" usb midi interface?
Or is *audio* latency generally slower under OS X and Reason just displays it incorrectly?

Thanks for any help!

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