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Old 2002-10-02, 21:07
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recycle 2.0 file size and sound quality.

I have been using recycle 2.0 for vocals latley and i have noticed 2 things:

1. once a rex file has been created, the file size is drastically reduced. case in point: i had a vocal track that is 28 megs. I throw it into recycle and mark the the phrases etc. and then save it as a rex file to put into the nn-xt. The resulting rex2 file is ten megs smaller than the original. At first i thought I did somthing wrong. so I checked the length of the rex file and the original file. Both the same legnth. Waht is recycle thrwoing away? which leads me to my 2nd question.

2. I have noticed that when swithing back and forth between preview and non preview their is a slight degration in audio quility. this is with all effects and stretch things in reason off. it sounds like it is playing back at a lower bit rate or somthing. this is not a complaint I just find it odd and i was wondering if anyone had any info.

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