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Old 2002-10-03, 18:49
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Life w/ Reason/Cubase, an update and BIZARRO occurence!

Mac G4/400 320 rm, 20gb hd
Delta 2496

Well, as many know, I've been maxing out my mac, and gotten varied advice on trying to get the most out of it without spending more $$$. (I've ordered the Powerlogix G4/800 upgrade, btw, and I'll letchya know how that does for me).

Ran Cubase up to the max cpu the other day (again) w/ Reason / rewire & vst's. It crashed, and hard (we're talking no mo force-quit, just push dat button).

Upon reboot, Cubase came back using Sound Manager for audio, and no VST's! Since, I did not have the SM driver installed. I was like "WTF"?

After dicking with this for a while, I came to realize the most bizarre (and kinda cool) thing happened.

As it turned out, Cubase (the application) had actually become TOTALLY corrupt due to the crash. I knew this could happen, so earlier on I made a copy of my Cubase folder and set it aside (while completely forgetting about it). I launch Cubase from an alias. What actually happened is that my original Cubase was a goner, and my Mac RESOLVED the problem by itself by reassigning the alias to the COPY of Cubase! This threw me off for a while though, because the copied version did not have the ASIO driver nor VST's (thus the symptoms), but did have the default SM driver - you should have seen how many times I reinstalled the driver on the old Cubase. LOL

Happily, I'm just using the copy now, and am keeping a NEW copy handy in case this happens again (I think it's cool you can do that without all the reinstall / re-auth b.s.)

Just thought y'all might find that interesting, or not!


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