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Old 2002-10-09, 22:43
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reason, rewire, and the cubase vst/32 demo?

Has anyone successfully rewired reason into the cubase vst/32 demo on a mac? I've been using reason with sonar on my pc, and got a new mac last weekend (dual 867), and can't get this to work... at first I got the error about "unable to initialize reason audio engine", so I re-installed reason, and now when I start cubase, then start reason, everything hangs! I can still move my mouse, but nothing responds... afaik I followed the rewire docs on this site to the letter. Reason and Cubase both work fine by themselves.

At this point I'm using the mac's built-in sound card, I have a delta 1010 in my pc that I haven't moved over yet; and I have the "play in background" option checked in cubase (although everytime I restart it gets unchecked). I did notice that cubase sees it as ASIO, but reason calls it OMS, could that make a difference?

Anyone know if this is an issue with using the demo version of cubase? I think it's only version 5.0...

I searched on and found a post talking about a cubase patch here; then I searched here and found a post talking about a patch on steinberg's site :-) Haven't been able to find either one!

Also I saw a recommendation to increase the memory allocated to cubase - how do I do that? I'm totally new to macs, and using os9 for this since cubase sx isn't out yet.

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