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My dream production system...

Oh yeah... I'm actually getting it too. :-)

Dual 867 G4 768 RAM (alright, maybe my dream is the 1.25, but whatever, it's damn expensive), Reason 2, Reaktor 3, Cubase 5.1. Maybe I'm a masochist, but I actually LIKE cubase. I donno... maybe cause it's the first app I used... I donno. I even use Reaktor 3 as a VSTi in Cubase on occasion on my mac... I MUST be a masochist then. ;-) Oh yeah.. and a nifty Evolution MK-361c and a UC-16 on a MOTU interface.

So everyone... what's your dream/current production system? Feel free to include hardware too! I know some of you must be eyeing that Nord Lead 3. I personally am just addicted to Reaktor now, heh.

- Springs

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