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Old 2002-10-11, 09:26
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Why not a Rewire virtual interface? a OSX 3rd party app?

Ok maybe I think too much but I think this could be practical since Rewire has poor 3rd party support and the idea behind Rewire is great.
My idea is a app that runs and takes the incoming audio/midi data and other data like mdi data, time code etc..from the rewire app to a terminal then to OSX..and then this gets patched as a incoming audio signal into a other audio app. I was thinking mainly of OSX as it has strong audio /midi support..But Windows Xp could very well work maybe as well?? The concept would be like a audio patchbay that the Rewire data can be sent into Apple OSX audio terminal then routed into programs such as Logic etc..or those apps who have poor Rewire support.This also could use Rewire 2 where the midi data could eb sent back /forth through this terminal??Maybe the idea is confusing but the concept if done could never leave Rewire out in the cold..and always work..Ok maybe I think too much as I've been told but is there some good out of this idea?I was thinking this because as of now I cannot run Reason OSx with logic 5 as Logic does not support Rewire yet..
and even when it does..It runs usually poorly.

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