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london elektricity
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reason sound quality

i've been working on the new London elektricity album for over a year, and fell in love with Reason last year. I stopped working on Cubase, + have been writing on reason for the last 12 months - it's great for when I'm on the road too. I cut a load of dubplates of my new tracks, and whilst in the mix last week I realised that all my reason tunes sounded, well, kind of out of focus. so when I got back to the studio I + the other artist on Hospital did some control tests, using 2 minute slices of classical music, some d+b, some pop, and compared how the files sounded in Reason, cubase, Peak + Protools. It really seems that in Reason there is a big sonic compromise - I always wondered how Reason can be so economical with cpu power, and it seems that it's because Reason only uses part of the waveform. Since then I've been talking to other producers in the d+b, breaks + garage community, most of whom won't use reason because of it's sound.

I am gutted, because I love the interface + the genius of the patch system. I have transferred a couple of the tunes I made in Reason to Cubase using the source files(unprocessed by Reason) + reconstructed them exactly. They now sound proper.

Before you rag me out for my disloyalty to Reason, let me say I still think it's a brilliant tool, it's just that it doesnt have the necessary sound quality for making top notch productions.

I wish so much that propellerheads would produce a transparent, power hungry pro version.


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