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Old 2004-07-20, 15:56
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Have you ever heard of "insect politics"?


Thats because insect don't have politics - lucky b*stards.

OK so its a shameless quote from the The Fly (remake with Goldblum not original) but this whole election thread is going supernova. There seems to be a lot of talk and genuine discussion and thats good but can we talk about other things as well please?
Pretty please? With sugar on top?
Obviously this is an important issue and by the looks of the news, it might be postponed or drawn-out to a later date.

Here is an easy way to reduce stress in these times of crisis:

1: do not own a TV, radio, computer or any form of media that might communicate bad news.
2: If you do own any of these or are in close proximity, place fingers in ears, close eyes and loudly shout "LA LA LA LA"
3: take up alcohol/drug abuse as a hobby (just say no, kids)
4: Run for presidency yourself. This will give you the opportunity to experience the stress and tribulation from the other side.
5: Start making annoying crap pointless lists.


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