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Old 2002-10-17, 01:48
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help! midi sync two separate reason computers

my roommate and i are having no luck getting two separate computers to midisync.

so...just to be sure, reason does not send time code...correct?

we've come up with 2 solutions:

*1 launch reason on both machines....then launch DP3 on the tower. DP3 only sends time code to one device, so we send it to my laptop (OS X) which then (using Midi Patch Bay [freeware]) sends the same time code back back to the tower. then....set reason on both machines to midi sync.

doing this, we actually got reason on my laptop to sync to DP3 on his tower. the problem....reason on the tower (which is running DP3) recognizes the midi sync (because the green light flashes) but only plays at 140BPM. wtf?

*2 launch reason on the tower in rewire mode. this way DP3 sends time code to my laptop over a midi cable (like it did before) and sends time code to reason over rewire. the problem here is that using reason in rewire means we get no audio unless we record it to an audio track in DP3....after a decent amount of time this always seems to crash his computer.

*the solution i'm looking for:

does anyone know of a shareware program that sends midi time code? or is there something else we can try??

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